Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dirty Virgin

virgin needs HELP!!!! man seeking woman- 24 yrs.

someone help me im 24 and never had sex i have given oral to a girl expecting to get sex but never happened so im pretty good at it i just want something in return oral but sex would be great i hate being a virgin i can host or ill come to you.

You'll host?

By the looks of things, the only thing your petri-dish of an apartment will ever host is a mutant strain of Staphyloccus Bactegenerium Amoglotae.

Spend any more than five minutes in that cesspool of an apartment and I'd sprout a berry patch of forest mushrooms on my elbows.

Therefore, I suggest you try killing two birds with one stone.

Try fucking a maid.


Le said...

Damn that's some good advice cuz maids are fucking hot! Well the ones in my fantasies are!

Bridget said...

LOL, I once had a guy who called me to come over and see is room, cause his roommate's GF cleaned it!!

lamexicanita86 said...

Are you sure the only mutant in that apartment is staph? I swear, I can smell the E. coli gleefully proliferating in those putrid piles of sweaty gym socks and unwashed underwear.

Anonymous said...

I love how he says he's "pretty good at it"
If you give oral to a gal (once), and she doesn't want you to ever do it again, I'm going to have to say that you're NOT good at it.