Thursday, April 3, 2008

Shit On Me. But Lets Talk About It First.


32 years old. 6'0"/195 caucasian male is looking for- Attractive woman or group of women who wants- To humiliate a man by spitting, kicking, pissing on (golden shower) me, scat recieving is available upon previous discussion. Also any kind of oral, rimming, face sitting, mutual masturbation, Public golden showers or other public scenarious should be previously discussed.

It's nice to know that before one might drop a steaming load on this guys face, he wants to talk to you about it beforehand, perhaps to establish some personal boundaries regarding you crapping on his face or emitting a stream of white hot piss into his eyes.

Perhaps he'd like to meet you at the Four Seasons Hotel over a light healthy breakfast of rosemary tea with honey and a perfectly flaky croissant. There, pleasantries can be exchanged, and each of you could perhaps share in the delights of your children's photos. Maybe you could request an enjoyable song from the resident pianist, and talk about the memories the song evokes.

And once you're comfortable with each other, the relationship can progress by you force feeding him mule shit while you kick him in the balls in a Jack-In-The-Box parking lot.


Sistah said...

You know, I'm a twisted, freaky type person and I enjoy some things that might turn others off but I never understood the fascination with watersports and scat. In a word, GROSS.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I have an ex who once asked me if I'd be interested in "sprinkling him with golden showers."

Naturally I said "No way in hell" after which the relationship pretty much ended.

Now whenever I think of that looser, Dave Chappelle's impersonation of R. Kelly "I wanna piss on you" comes to mind, lol!

doctressjulia said...

That shit is nasty. ;O

Anonymous said...

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