Friday, March 7, 2008


going down on you - man seeking woman 35

who would like a cool skater guy to go down on you? Nothing more just me going down on you to pleasure you. I cannot host cause of my sister.

Concerns of a normal 35 year-old male:

1. Investments. How can I best position my financial portfolio to provide for both my immediate needs and my retirement? Is there an adequate ratio of fixed-income assets in relationship to more liquid securities in case of an emergency?

2. Job and career satisfaction. Will the new cross-functional team communication structure affect my personal ability to advance with the company? What is my new role in this complex company re-organization?

3.Health. Have I adequate steps to ensure my insurance provides proper coverage for my entire family? What about the children's dental and orthodontic needs? Have I gone over the finer points of my policy provider?

Concerns of this 35 year-old male:

1. Totally fuckin’ sweet skate ramps.

2. The cops, man. The motherfuckin' cops.

3. Avril Lavigne posters.

4. God I fuckin’ hate my stupid fuckin’ sister Darla. She's, like, always in my room.

By the way, your first date is in a Circle K parking lot. Bring mittens.


Caz said...

Hehehehe! I love guys who have their priorities mixed up (I'm a rad skater so lets fool around at yours...) and don't understand why no girl WANTS their tongue lapping at their inebriated pussy trough. You'd think at 35 he'd have worked out dating and pretending to have an interest in a girl might get him more luck but I guess he's a) that personality-less and/or b)that skint.

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