Thursday, June 26, 2008

Go Fish.

ivory4ebony - man seeking woman-38

seeking fun loving blk female for fun and maybe more send pic and what you are seeking and lets get together


I don't know many times I've had to sit next to a table of fine-looking black ladies complaining.....

"Why can't I find a poor white man holding a dead carp?"


Dark Elf Warrior said...

What is it with guys showing of their most recent "kill"? Is this supposed to convince me you are an outdoors sporty type that will always be able to provide dinner and a floor show for my enjoyment?

Anonymous said...

Scraping the bottom of the barrel and the local fishpond for an impressive phallic symbol, aren't we? "My cock was too small and my '95 Mitsubishi ain't much of a ride, and my trailer's still missing a wall from that dag-nabbin' tornado, but ladies, I can catch me a fish!"


Peter Leonne said...

Hey! Dude
Hope this site will help you.