Monday, June 30, 2008


swm seeking shf or swf...for relationship - male seeking gf - 36

hi, i'm an easy going , nice guy...looking for a hispanic or white woman for friendship and more.....movies, dining out...just having fun.... if you're interested, I've enclosed this picture of my shaved, gelatinous buttocks as I straighten out a painting I just purchased for $4.99 at the East Reseda Red Lion Inn of a bear rowing a child in a canoe. It's called "A Bear Rowing a Child in a Canoe."

Anyway, reader JH sent me this personal ad, and swears up and down that this drab individual living in a drab apartment used to be a male stripper.

I emailed her back in hopes of sourcing his original stage name, but she couldn't recall. So I suggested "Minotaur." She thought it might be "Stuart", a name guaranteed to moisten the loins of any red-blooded female.

All she remembers is that he was hyper-anal, an accountant by day, and lived with his mother. Which, incidentally, sounds like a hell of a stage show.

Stuart comes out on stage and sprays an anti-bacterial on the pole, calls his Mom to check-in, then pulls up a chair and yells to the audience "OK, ladies, my name is Stuart, and we're gonna get this club rockin' by talking about Earned Income Tax Credit structures!"

That giant sucking sound you just heard was the collective drying up of 200 vaginas.

Thanks JH.


Stewart said...

My name is Stewart. Shit.

Weasel said...

I meant "Stuart." Chicks dig "Stewart."

Stewart said...

Oh, thank God. Now my penis can resume its commanding lead.

Anonymous said...

Thank God I'm black.

Anonymous said...

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