Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pot And Kettle.

Virgin in need of a woman - 24

I'm a 24 year old virgin. My name is Yterl. I'm looking for my first encounter with a woman. I'm 5'10'',165lbs,blue eyes,blonde hair. Please no weirdos.


OK, Yterl.

You've never touched a woman in your life, and you wouldn't know a vagina if it marched up to your table, slapped you in the nose, and started eating your french fries.

You're 24 years-old, and for your personals ad, you've selected to use a picture of yourself cuddling Nibbles, which on all accounts appears to be your childhood teddy bear.

But what are you worried about?

No weirdos.

I hate to tell you this, but those guys in white labcoats on either side of you aren't there for the free pudding.


Lightwing said...

I'm pretty sure I know this guy in a different incarnation, minus the teddy bear. Instead he does Renaissance Faires and still hasn't managed to get laid yet.

And 24 seems to be the magic virgin number, huh?

lamexicanita86 said...

In an odd coincidence, the swirly mark over his face uncannily resembles a pacifier.

Anonymous said...

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