Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Welcome Australia!!

We've been getting thousands of hits from Australia today, which should re-assure American women that we're not the only country in the world full of douchebags. Welcome Aussies! Be warned, this website isn't pretty.


RebelJubilee said...

Wonderful! About damn time. So when does the rest of the world get clued in?

(And when he says its not pretty, believe him. The man speaks the truth)

(Again And, when you see cute little things prepare yourself and remove any small children from hearing range, because it ain't gonna be pretty)

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
Love your work !
Sadly you guys don’t have a monopoly on people who need a belt on the head with a cluestick.
If we didn’t laugh, we’d despair.

WOOT for Obama!!!

Weasel said...

Man, I've been to Australia, and I LOVE Aussie women! So...friendly.

But quit putting carrots on your burgers!

Thanks Anon!

Anonymous said...

I think most of those hits were from me...

Chris said...

You also have readers in China. I check this site every day and have your RSS!

Amanda Nicole said...

I work at Cedar Point and this Craiglist caught my eye... too funny!

The pictures are the best.

Weasel said...

It's amazing how many people read this thing. I have people from Mauritania, Nigeria, Phillipines, all of Europe, India, Pakistan, Japan, Korea, it goes on forever.

I figured you'd get shot in Pakistan for reading something like this.

Sheri said...

Weael- I havent laughed so hard in years.

I can't believe that there are so many delusional sleazebags out there who actuaaly think a sane woman would be attracted to their ad.

Have they been living under a rock for 20 years.

Chris said...

Short answer: yes

Weasel said...

Wait until you see what I have coming up. The next few entries are just- well, unbelieveable.

But I say that every time I post.

But I got one here that just makes me slap my forehead. I seriously don't even know what to write about it. It's just.... I can't even tell you how stupid it is.

All you can do is read it.

When WWHM first came out, women always asked me if I made these up. I'll say now what I said then.....

I couldn't possibly even think this shit up. When I read them , sometimes I simply cannot believe what I'm reading. That I've actually seen something so STUPID.

Even if I was the lamest most pathetic dude on earth, these ads would never even enter my head and think a woman would respond to it. And these guys are like 40.

Anonymous said...

haha.. spotted.. another aussie lurker here.. =) great piece of work you've got..!

carrots? only half the fun, go the beetroot!

madauntynic said...

Thankyou for welcoming Australia Weasel, the women of Australia welcome you!

I've been reading your blog for a while now, and I'm sorry to say that too many men in Australia are just as scary! Lucky I'm marrying a Kiwi guy.

Congrats to you guys on the election of Obama. The world suddenly feels like a safer place.

Weasel, we put beetroot on our burgers, not carrot (usually, unless it's a vegetarian burger).

Lots of love,

Mad Aunty Nic xxx

Weasel said...

Thanks Anon. Should have more coming up either tomorrow or Friday. Including one of the fucking dumbest ads I've ever received.

Sheri said...

Weasel - I thought the carrots on the hamburgers comment was an euphemism for sex

Weasel said...

Then I would have said "Quit putting carrots through your donuts."

Anonymous said...

The source is probably here

whywomenhatemen is linked in one of the comments

Anonymous said...

yep, that link is why i'm here!

Karma said...

Long time reader first time poster !
Love your blog Weasel, have sent the link to many of my friends here in Oz .

Weasel said...

Karma, haven't you posted here before????

Must have 2 Karmas.

Thanks Karma!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's my influence maybe. I found you and told every single person I know to come visit. LOL.


Sydney Gal

Anonymous said...

Weasel said...
Man, I've been to Australia, and I LOVE Aussie women! So...friendly.

But quit putting carrots on your burgers!

Thanks Anon!

November 5, 2008 8:12 PM

Only if you stop putting tomato sauce on your chips.

Or to translate - ketchup on your fries. hehehe

Weasel said...

Thank God you explained- I was like "Who puts tomato sauce on chips?"

I don't know how Aussies understand the language on WWHM.

Anonymous said...

Another Australian here.

Discovered the site while reading Fuglyhorsehorseoftheday. It is some of the funniest stuff I have ever read.

Thanks for the laughs. Elle

Anonymous said...

another aussie girl here

ive been reading this blog for a while now and have never actually posted before.

weasel i think aussies love your blog because your humour is actually very aussie-esque. you remind me very much of an aussie comedian called will anderson.

and for the record, carrots, beetroot, egg, even pineapple all have the green light on burgers in oz.


Ella said...

Wow I now know never to eat a burger in Australia, duly noted.

I love how everyone is psyched about Obama! If he hadn't of won I'd be moving about now.

Weasel said...

Thanks Aussies!

Can't wait to get back there.

connemaranz said...

In addition to the beetroot, carrots et al of Oz burgers, throw in lettuce or coleslaw, capsicum, gherkins and instead of tomato sauce (ketchup to the yanks)use fruit chutney instead - burgers NZ style. Yum. A 'real' taste experience.
Go to McDonalds for your plastic, homogeneous, non nutritious burger experience.

Ella said...

If tomato sauce= ketchup in australia then what do you call tomato sauce of the pasta variety??? pasta sauce?

Anonymous said...

Yes Ella a Kiwi (New Zealander) also calls uses tomato sauce/ketchup on chips/fries and pasta sauce is called "pasta sauce" and dont' get me started on "fanny packs" LOL

Anonymous said...

Just found your...ummm...unique site.

I love it.

I too am Antipodean.

instantania said...

I'm another Aussie whose been lurking (and loving) the last few months, found the link through Snopes.

Just love Weasel's ability to create a picture with words, "poo crisps" indeed!

The quality of the comments of readers is an added bonus, good work all round.

instantania said...

Whoops! Crisps not chips, told ya I was Aussie.

instantania said...

Scrap that last post, I think I'm losing my mind.