Monday, August 4, 2008

I Will Not Tolerate Gender Bias!

Wrestling match

The reason I'm posting this here is because when I wrestle girls it is a sexual type of match. I will grab the girls boobs and her crotch during the wrestling match, and yes she can grab me as well. And if your girl who wrestle boys in school, I will not wrestle you either, because you know how brutally humiliating it is for boy to lose to a girl in wrestling but you wrestle boys anyway which, to me, shows you have absolutely no concern whatsoever about the feelings of men, only your own feelings, and that is a form of gender bias and I will not tolerate gender bias. I will not wrestle a girl in public or in front of anyone because there is a chance that the girl will win, and if I'm going to get beat by a girl I'm not going to lose in public. Because it is humiliating to lose to a girl, but if you're a decent woman then you already know that. I'm 5'4 260, I want a woman with big tits, no flat-chested boys. Jack from South Dakota. I live with my sister, she has to leave before we meet. Emial:XXXXXX.XXXXX

Jack, I'm assuming that you really don't have that many mating options living in a small town in South Dakota.

In fact, if I lived there, I would probably wait seven hours outside the town laundromat just to sniff the coins in the lint tray of the dryer that once permanent-pressed your sister's least-favorite farming trousers.

But, surely, I would NOT tolerate gender bias.

For your sister, I would sleep amidst the horrifying cacophony of a pheasant pen for a fortnight only to suffer the brutal and relentless pecking of my eyeballs from 700 sharpened pheasant beaks, just for the opportunity to lick the dried soap dish clean of her ankle sweat in the event she offered me a brief shower in the side house.

But I would certainly NOT tolerate any gender bias.

And in fact, I would even compose a song about aardvarks just in case your sister attended a symposium on mule waxing in San Diego, and got free tickets to the zoo where she might pass by the aardvark exhibit and say "Oh, those are kind of interesting," at which point I could jump out of the shit-riddled meerkat exhibit behind her with a boombox and say "I happen to know a song about aardvarks, " and play it to her in a dramatic fashion like John Cusack in the final scene of Say Anything.

But, of course, I certainly would NOT tolerate ANY gender bias.

I'm sure glad you stick to your guns Jack.

And good luck finding that big-titted subserviant woman with no self-esteem in rural South Dakota who likes short, fat men who lecture them on gender equality whilst physically and sexually abusing them in a trailer home.

I'm sure they're a dime a dozen in South Dakota.

Just like assholes.


The Hatter said...




That is all.

wvfarmgirl said...

Oh, please! Sign me up for that hunka hunka burnin' love! Why doesn't he already have women knocking down his door in hopes that he can cure their sexual wrestling frustration??

This is the first ad that you've posted that has honestly disgusted me. Perhaps because the mental image is so clear.

100K? How soon before guys start creating ads like this just so they can be featured on your site? "dude, like check it out. I'm on WWHM! I'm famous!"

Elliott Elijah said...



In another observation, he's two inches taller than me and weighs twice as much as me. Impressive.

Anonymous said...

Fuck me runnin...that was priceless!

Proof what isolation and cold weather will do to a person's brain...

Anonymous said...

What a fucking male chauvinist pig.
And he has the bloody gall to say he will not tolerate gender bias?
This fuckwit needs to start taking his meds and a course of shock therapy wouldn't go astray- I have to say weasel this has to be the biggest jerkoff of all you have featured so far.

Somehow i don't see him getting any pussy for a long,long time.

Sign me up weasel for the once a month sessions if you ever come Down Under again.LOL.

CutNJump said...

Again Weasel- Holy Hell!

Not sure what else to say...

I know I enjoy a good rastlin' match now and then, but as part of sex? No thanks. Not exactly my idea of foreplay.

Wonder if he learned that from the sheep, cows or the goats as they rastled to get away from him too.

Any chance of a self healing course tour?

Weasel said...

I received a couple emails this morning from new readers asking me a question I hear often here at WWHM.

"Did you make that wrestling ad up?"

You guys, I'm a little creative on occasion, but I could honestly tell you there is no way on earth I would ever come up with some of this stuff. Who would even think of this?

Actually, I don't know what comes up on the search engines (sometimes posts come up under the ORIGINAL name of a post), but my first title for this post was "No, I Don't Make These Things Up Part IV."

Honestly, when these ads pop up on my screen, all I can do is just say "Wow. This isn't a joke."

Anonymous said...

Even ignoring my disgust for a guy who wants a girl to "wrassle" with him as part of foreplay...(remember that saying from a while back about gagging someone with a spoon? I think it applies here! *gag*)

What kind of chump is concerned about a chick kicking his ass when he's such a lard-o? What woman would risk being smothered by the fat rolls? Good God man! How much of a pussy are you?

BTW Weasel, loved the bit about being sexually and physically abused in a mobile home...I imagine you are about right. Can't imagine why that's not attractive. *eye roll*

Walk On said...


Ok, so what we have here is a spineless, sulky, chauvinist with self esteem that would have to increase a thousand-fold to make it up to "low".

Real men could take loosing to a woman. Real men aren't SCARED that a woman can out wrestle them.

Love the way the sister can't be in the house when you meet, am I the only one wondering if he isn't living with his sister, but rather a wife who kicks his worthless ass on a regular basis?

The LARPers you featured that blue dude?...yeah, starting to look good. :P

Pilar said...

I could SO kick his lardy ass. But no, wait, I might hurt his feelings.

MinxyQ said...


I am guessing that his short fat ass just got beat by a girl who was more "man" than him (apologies for the abuse of the english language)

Is it just me or is "I want a woman with big tits, no flat-chested boys" a form of gender bias?

Can somone say hypocrite?

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

What Hatter said.

5'4 and 260? OMG! It's the dude from Brad Paisley's song "Online!"

Merridyn said...

There's going to be a noise ocmplaint if I keep reading this at night.

weasel said:
And good luck finding that big-titted subserviant woman with no self-esteem in rural South Dakota who likes short, fat men who lecture them on gender equality whilst physically and sexually abusing them in a trailer home.

I don't even know where to start on this guy. Something tells me he lost A LOT of fights with girls on the playground. Maybe he intentionally gained a million pounds so that he could just sit on their rib cages until they suffocated. Maybe he threatens that if you wrestle him and don't let him grope you, he'll sit on you. All I know is that this has got to be one of the weirdest ploys to get some tits to play with.

The Half-Assed Blog said...

I'm from South Dakota and I want to hunt down this dickwad and run over him with my pickup!

Trust me- they're not all like this. There are real men in SD.. not all obese pussies who live with siblings.

Sistah said...

This guy has yet to figure out that living his life is what's humiliating.

CutNJump said...

I just re-read the add.

I can't figure out why he wants a woman with big tits that he can play with. Sounds like he already has two big tits of his own to play with any time he wants. He can cop a feel from himself any time, any where he wants...

Oh, and they will always be available, always let him win and never complain. What more could he want??? Pussy? Get a cat.

wheelin126 said...

All I have to say is DAMN IT!!! I so wanted him but he doesn't want me because I would so kick his ass in a rasslin match right in the middle of the trailer park!! You'd think the humiliating part would be him stuffing twinkies in his mouth crying over the ass kicking he just got while fondling his oversized man boobs, and he's worried about getting some pussy...hell sounds like he's pretty busy to me!!

Kokorami said...

Cut/Jump--you can't see them in the pic, but he's wearing big lace-up boots open wide at the top so he can pop the sheep's hind legs in w/o worrying about their trying to escape. He probably got turned on by the rasslin' with gurls because he _couldn't_ pull that off with his sister and was hoping to try it with some other human female. That's why he doesn't want his sister there: the sight of her reminds him of how badly he failed on his first try with a human. (I hope any woman STUPID/FREAKY enough to answer this also gets into Barnyard Animal Sound FX, though anyone interested probably does already.)

Minxy--in addition to all his other well-earned insecurities, Bib the Michelin Man's evil inbred cousin here's also worried about a woman w/tits bigger than his.

CutNJump said...

All I can say is this...

Warning, Warning, Danger Will Robinson: Spew warning in progress... This may make us all veiw others in a whole new light.


Once a co-worker and I were talking about the store manager and how badly he treated his wife- in front of others and even in front of employees. Yelling at her, belittleing her, degrading her, every chance he got. My co-worker mentioned the fact that they have kids. 2 or 3 of them.

Without a second thought of self censoring my words I spewed forth this gem of a statement-

Yep, can you imagine the thought of that, hovering over you all sweaty, breathing hard and about to cum?

We were both laughing hysterically but completely grossed out at the same time.

Nosnikta said...

*** Yep, can you imagine the thought of that, hovering over you all sweaty, breathing hard and about to cum? ***

Omg... I had an actual physical reaction to that in the form of a dry heave. Omg (shiver... )

Le said...

What he really meant to say was...

"My sister has to leave before we meet because I'm not ready for a threesome yet, and she said she isn't either."

ladraco said...
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Maryann said...

I swear to god, I don't think he could even get a whore for this shit if he won the motherfucking Powerball and offered her his ticket.

VA Prisoner said...

just want to say: one of my friends wrestled in high school, and it was the hardest thing ever for her. She was the only girl and so many of the guys from other teams would refuse to wrestle her. The day she got her first pin was the most amazing thing ever. This tiny girl pining her guy, and all her teammates going berserk with pride. LOVED IT.
so yeah, I hope this guy never meets her because she'd KICK HIS ASS.

Anonymous said...

i swear i wrestled with this little cocksucker in a MMA class. i eventually had to quit because of all the teenage boys that would fight dirty (literally and figuratively). being mashed against some youngster thats popped a boner infront of a room full of people is humiliating for all parties involved.
all those boys needed to wash their clothes with detergent and brush their teeth too.

Hammerhead said...

5'4, lives with his sister, and refuses to wrestle girls who have had training? Honestly, I can't think of a single female who *couldn't* beat his sorry ass if given the chance.