Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tool Time

looking for a kinky woman that really likes to fk.cum in here

want to try this out . im steve cum on over and give it a go i have something different for u to try i do love to eat a nice freshly washed pussy and make it cum i have built a fucking machine and would like to find a woman to give it a go. i would just like to watch as you cum over and over agin i have just made a fucking a mchine that actually works .7.5in tool with a nice long stroke it will get in that sweet pussy and make her cum . i have a vid if u would like to see it working .

Thanks Steve, now I know just what to get everyone for Christmas. Except grandma.

I'd hate to eat a delicious cake prepared with grandma's new "brown pulsating cake froster." Especially after watching her lick the remnants off her new favorite tool.

Anyway Steve, please send us the video of your machine in action.

On yourself.


CutNJump said...

Holy Hell! Not much else to say here... I don't even want to imagine either.

Nosnikta said...

Cake-froster..... (snort giggle).

A peeve of mine is when guys intentionally spell "come" wrong. That really bugs me. Instant turn-off.

This TOOL is freaking scary. Sorry. I envision myself impaled on this tool much like those headhunter movies where the innocent shipwrecked person stumbles into the camp of the cannibals.

ryan said...

Yeah, I wouldn't trust that guys "tool" either! Its just way too scary.

CutNJump said...

So just out of curiosity, who was the pecker model?

Mack Truck said...

Cutnjump, from the color, I'd say Chef from South Park was the "tool" model.

That thing is seriously scary.

anniebanannie said...

Oh. My. God.

anniebanannie said...

What the hell is that made of? It looks like a inner tube wrapped around a stick with a chocolate covered marshmallow stuck on the end.

Biskuits said...

Nos, I have to agree with you. The shortened "cum" is incredibly annoying. It's like we can't get the idea that it's a play on words without having it spelled in a stupid way (and as a linguist, poor grammar and intentional misspelling makes me colder than a homeless New York orphan eating a Popsicle in December). That he apparently can't spare any time to give us a few periods (though I suppose there was plenty of that already in the above ad *shot*) isn't giving him any bonus points, either.

Weasel, however, has a fantastic hold on grammar rules. <3 His prose makes me happy inside.

Oh, and the machine. Um... I got nothin'.

wheelin126 said...

LMAO!! Mac truck I think I have to agree Chef off of South Park was definitely the model and Cartman was the brain behind it!!

Mel said...

"A peeve of mine is when guys intentionally spell "come" wrong. That really bugs me. Instant turn-off."

Here, here! This pisses me off so much!

CaliGirl9 said...

This tool forgets it's all about the clitoris.
Actually, the tool who build this tool forgot it's all about the clitoris.
Which is why he built this tool the way he did.

Nicole said...

This looks like something straight out of lil' Porn Shop of Horrors. You know the one, off of Broadway and Scumbag St? Its about 3 blocks past the Hairy Snack Shack.

Anonymous said...