Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Time

What's wrong with you bitches?

This is probably my 10th time posting and i haven't found one decent piece of ass? This may be my last post... so jump on me while you can. I just want a good quick fuck... NO BULLSHITTING. Kyle

This what happens when you put gin and unfiltred Chesterfields in your fifth-graders lunchbox.

Along with a note that says:

"Dear Kyle,

I hope you have a great day at school today! Make sure you bring your jacket home!

And by the way, I blame you for everything.

Love, Mom"


Charisma_Forecast said...

It's a shame such a decent body is wasted by his trajic mind. What a fab idea when you don't get a response from your 5,983 other postings, just get angry.

This is sure to start things off on a good note. In fact, if we follow his example instead of saying "Hello" to someone we meet for the first time, we'll just punch them in the jaw instead!

Rozie said...

If all you want is a good quick fuck why don't you pay for a damn hooker you cheapskate wanker.
I like how he calls women "bitches" and "piece of ass" and blames them for the fact he can't get laid.

nip/tuck said...

Charisma_Forecast said...
It's a shame such a decent body is wasted by his trajic mind.

Scary. I'm guessing he'll have his friend bent over the bed in his parents' basement in no time, cursing out the "bitches" that wouldn't respond to his posting.

CutNJump said...

With a body like that, all he has to do is go to the local college bar and buy a few rounds for, gee I don't know, anything with boobs?

Cheaper than a hooker and they are all there looking to get drunk and laid too!

Charisma_Forecast- 5,983 postings?

I was reading/thinking that was meant as 5,983 Responses- to which I would say you are giving him far, far, far too much credit.

Carry on.

gemtwyst said...

Maybe the fact that he says he just wants a "good quick f*ck" is part of the problem. No woman is going to be champing at the bit to meet a guy who can only last 27 seconds in bed.

Nosnikta said...

Snotty little shit. He's the type that points out girls and tells his buddies "Yeah, I banged that". Then calls them lesbians because they don't want to see him a second time because he's such an ass. Yes, waste of a fine body with a bucket of hair for a brain.

CutNJump said...

Hey Kyle,

I hope Cartman, Kenny and Stan kick your ass! You Bastard.

MinxyQ said...

Ahhh....already beaen me to it!

I was thinking the same things. With a bod like that, ONSs would be easy to come by, perhaps he just needs to keep his mouth shut.

"I just want a good quick fuck... NO BULLSHITTING"

Brothels specialise in this Kyle, in fact, I am pretty sure a few of them use n"eed a good quick fuck?... NO BULLSHITTING" as their marketing line.

Charisma_Forecast said...

Cutnjump, I did mean posts. The first sentence he wrote up said that he made a bunch of posts and never got a "piece of ass".

Thus I conjured up the image of him acting frantic and obsessively placing/posting up ads every five minutes, wondering "Why is no one responding?"

Why? Because he's a total douche bag! Obviously he doesn't understand the errors in his character i.e. everything.

Walk On said...

Question: What's wrong with you bitches?

Answer: Our standards are too high for the likes of you...we demand IQ's larger than your shoe size. Now have to back to your "love doll".

CutNJump said...

CF- I read 'posts' and thought 'responses'. My bad, and also the reason I though waaaaay too much credit...

If he was posting every 5 minutes- then can we all say Obssessive Compulsive Disorder?

I knew you could.