Thursday, July 24, 2008

WWHM Thanks You

Hey WWHM fans, we're going to go out of character tonight for once. It makes it so much easier to write.

I'd really like to thank all the people who helped make this site a success over the past month. In the beginning, I never imagined people would find WWHM very funny. Maybe a few chuckles here and there, sure, but I never imagined receiving emails from people who told me stories of getting kicked out of their offices, spilling food onto themselves, spraying their computer screens with yogurt, you name it.

And for someone who aspires to write comedy for a living, but doesn't necessarily think what he writes is very funny at all, that was fucking nirvana for me. Knowing that you guys came here to get a laugh, it just puts me beyond words. I appreciate it, and I appreciate you letting me know it. Honestly, I can't express it enough.

The adjustment of posting 5 times a month to 3-4 times a week has been huge and I think the quality has gone down because of it, and bloggers out there have been letting me know it as of late. OK, OK, but realize it's difficult to be funny all of the time, and just like a stand-up comedian, I'm going to bomb sometimes. It happens. Luckily for me, I can just take them off the board. (And I've taken 23 posts off so far.) But lately, yeah, I've been overloaded.

The next couple weeks I'm enveloping myself in a very popular local sport, so I'll be travelling quite a bit, and posting less often. Hopefully after two weeks I'll come back fired up with some great stuff for you guys.

On a final note, after a long conversation with reader Sarah G from Australia, (man, we have a lot of Aussie readers.....thanks guys) she asked me "What are your favorite posts on WWHM?"

Hmmm, great question. It's never the ones you guys like, which is so weird. If I had to pick, the only ones that made me laugh were the following:

The Stocking Stuffer, Barf or Smile, Go Figgure, The Most Unromantic Writer in the World, Show-Off, It's a Dirty Job, Shit on Me, and This is Why Cocaine is Illegal.

Thank you again, and have a great weekend everyone. I'll be checking my email and the site as often as I can.

The Weasel
(And a special thanks goes out to the FHOTD, your support has been phenomenal. It keeps me going.)


iloverocky said...

Weasel, ignore the naysayers; maybe they're just jealous that you have a hoard of new lady fans from FHOTD. Your writing still makes me chuckle and often laugh out loud.

And, even if your writing wasn't funny, you have a knack for choosing ads that even with no commentary would be remarkably funny.

Keep up the good work and have fun with the "local sport." I am interested to know what sport it might be (competitive cocaine snorting? Olympic porn?)

Nosnikta said...

Have fun!

I will certainly suffer from withdrawal symptoms.

Even at your worst, you're still funnier than most.

*Amber* said...

No worries, I still have my cube-neighbors asking WTH is so funny. :)

I can see how you could be exhausted by the demands of so many FHOTD women. As much as I love your multiple posts per day, maybe you could try scaling back to 1 or two ads with snark to lighten the load.

Oh shit, "lighten the load" sounds like a line one of these douche-bags would use in their ad!

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

I don't worry much about whether or not every post I write is brilliant and hilarious. I write to please myself, and if others enjoy it, cool, and if they don't, I don't care. :-)

P.S. This attitude works well on women, also. Ask every bad boy in the world who gets, as Tom Leykis would say, more ass than a toilet seat.

samantha said...

I found this through FHOTD as well. I love it!
Please keep it going.

CutNJump said...

Ahhhh Fugs! A Tom Leykis reference? Is he on up there? Defintely gotta move NOW!

Loyal Leykis 101 listener for the short time he was on here...

Weasel- As I have said before, unless those with less than praise have anything to do with, directly affect or actually sign your paycheck- fuck them!

They are probably just jealous of your new found popularity and are exceedingly jealous that you have the ability to please sooooo many women worldwide, not just at the local bar. They are most likely still thinking they are a legend. (In their own minds they are, so let them keep dreaming for a while. Maybe at least they will be quiet.)

The posts? Well we may not all agree all of the time, but they are damn funny! The commentary makes them even more so. Add in a bunch of crazy women and the comments go off the scale at times. Enough so, that food and beverage spewing is, well, rather expected.

Enjoy your local sport. Many of us know it may not have anything to do with horses, but as long as you have a great time- that's all that matters!

anniebanannie said...

As a FHOTD devotee, you're welcome.

I already said that you should do a post a day rather than many in one day. You'd get more comments.

Also, write for yourself. If folks don't like it, then fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.

Finally, if we're voting, I like "It's a dirty job" the best of all...

Weasel said...

One a day is an idea I've been mulling, and I think it's a great idea.

Crap, I'm late!

I'm outta here!

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

>>Ahhhh Fugs! A Tom Leykis reference? Is he on up there? Defintely gotta move NOW!<<

He is in Portland. He's on at some retarded hour in Seattle, like in the evening when you're not in the car. It's kind of a pain. You might want to move to Portland or somewhere like Longview where you can get the Portland radio stations! He was my favorite to listen to on my commute home when I lived in southern Washington.

Tracy said...

I haven't been disappointed yet! Even if you're getting emails that are saying your quality of work has gone down, keep in mind that a lot of people don't speak up when they're happy with something. I bet you've gotten a handful of emails complaining lately, but I bet there's probably more people out there who have been laughing their asses off at some of the posts you decided to take down! Don't be so hard on yourself! You're brilliant!

CrazySparkles said...

Hello Weasel! I know that I've been more of a lurker, but I just want to give you more support! I too have crept over from FHOTD, and personally, I think that everything you post is freaking hilarious! Don't delete anything else!

To add to that, I also think you're completely awesome. No wonder you've got all the horse gals going crazy ^_-

Keep up all the excellent work! Now that I've found your blog, my day would not be complete without reading it! :D

Anonymous said...

I’m with you Weasel. I smile at every single post but the only ones that made me feel like my lungs were going to explode onto the screen were "Why Cocaine is Illegal, The Most Unromantic and the shit one.
And you suck for deleting ANY of your posts. How dare you. That's censorship!

manhater said...

please dont delete your posts! Even the worse ones have gotten at least a snort or chuckle out of me.

I think one or two a day would be a good idea

MinxyQ said...

1) who are these "other bloggers" and why the fuck do they have more influence than we, your LOYAL fans, do?? We want to know so we can all flood their blogs and tell them to fuck off and leave OUR Weasel alone....fuckers.

2) I have already complained about the a) premature deletion (ie before I get a chance to read them) and b) themixing up of posts so I can't freaken find the ones I have yet to read. As you have noted, we have a tendancy to like ones different to you...usually because they parallel our past experiences at times.

Good luck with your "local sport" ... friends and I had a discussion about couch rugby...may that's it?

lusitano epiphany said...

I just re-read "The Most Unromantic Writer" and now my coworkers are wondering why there is sputtering, hysterical laughter coming from my office. Holy crap. Your blog is freakin' great.

Appybutt said...

God, looking at the comments it's like a FHOTD reunion! That's not a bad thing.

Must be the type of humor we all go in for........

Snoopsincharge said...

Hi, another fugly here.
I love your blog.