Monday, July 21, 2008

WWHM Fashion: My Sailing Outfit

Wow, look at this outfit! Ladies are your loins quivering or what?

I know, I know, you've seen this something like this before. Where? Here!

(Ed Warning: Any guys click that link, you'll be instantly gay for 3 and a half minutes.)

Anywho, I love to wear this outfit on the deck of a sailboat on a late summer afternoon as I sip boxed wine and eat individually wrapped cheese slices.

Sometimes I'll put my foot up on the railing of the boat and point at pelicans in the distance, so the ladies can get a better gander of the cuffs on my pants that match the shirt.

Because nothing turns on a woman more than a guy that takes three hours to get ready to go out, and really plans out his look.

And see my pink shoes? That says one thing and one thing only to the ladies.

I'm gonna fuck your brains out!

In a highly organized and regimented fashion!


The Hatter said...
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The Hatter said...

Just wait until the pelicans take a shit on his nicely tailored pj ensemble, ah, I mean, sailing outfit.

nip/tuck said...

I'll never view men in pink shoes quite the same way.

nip/tuck said...

BTW - In the Color Me Badd video: Did you notice the first gift was a pearl necklace? Gag...

Mack Truck said...

This looks like something out of the 1976 JC Penney catalogue.

I was in my teens in the 70s, and yes, I am TOTALLY ashamed now to admit it.

Farrah Fawcett hair? I had it! Elephant bell pants? Oh totally!

Heck, at least I'm a woman. Perky bosoms and a cute little bottom made any outfit look good. But I still never wore THAT much pink at one time!

CutNJump said...

I caught the pants and jacket cuffs as well as matching shoes before you even mentioned it. Sad, just really, really sad.

For some reason the song Night Fever is running through my head. Make it stop, please!

The only thing missing is the Don Johnson, pencil thin tie look from Miami Vice. *hork*

Nosnikta said...

HEY! I totally missed this guy this morning.

If this one had a scratch 'n sniff, he would smell like baby powder.

CutNJump said...

Probably more like mousse, styling gel and hairspray.

Otherwise now known as 'product'.

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

I was about to say, I believe I owned that shirt in 1982! And possibly the pink loafers, too.

CutNJump said...

And now you know where they ended up after you ditched them at Goodwill!

evilbitch said...

Wow, hey guys, now really, after reading all your comments I have to ask: is that a human male?
Because at first sight I thought that's a fancy new breed of pets.
I was close to ask where I can order one.
*feels bummed now*

Anonymous said...

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