Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Horse Sense

looking for some fun

what sounds like fun to you?

You know what sounds fun to me?

Riding that horse into a neighborhood where it won't be considered food.


CutNJump said...

OMG! I think this guy was featured on the Fugly Horse of the Day blog!


fuglyhorseoftheday said...

Somehow I know that these are the same guys who ask us we get turned on riding horses and make jokes about studs (insert Beavis laugh)

sassysmom said...

Oh don't forget the jokes about riding bareback and whips too

Gee I wonder why these guys have hard time finding a women .

This Blog is too funny

JDKdressage said...

Methinks someone has heard a few too many Catherine the Great stories. It looks like he's offering up that poor horse for "fun." And the "OMGWTF???" expression on horse is priceless.

Seriously, poor horse. That dude in the oh-so-charming 'beater is either using it as chick bait, or is contemplating whoring it out for acts that are, I believe, illegal in just about every state in the Union (maybe not Arkansas, you just never know with them).

Kokorami said...

JDK--takes me back a few years to my Russian History prof, who had a warped sense of humor...our 1st class on Catherine the Great, and at the beginning of the class, he says, "Before I tell you anything else about Catherine the Great, I want to say she died of TUBERCULOSIS. She did NOT die because the strap broke."

Could've heard a pin drop.

Redsmom said...

The look on the horse's face IS priceless. He would like his face blurred as well as he does not wish to be associated with his owner. LOL.

Anonymous said...

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