Thursday, July 10, 2008

No Hablo Espanol.

alguna latina?

hola tengo 25 y busco una latina que sea caliente para vernos hoy. si quieres todo lo mantenemos en discreto . si quieres algo rico mandame un mensaje y nos vemos hoy mismo. busco de 18 a 45 que sea bonita y bonito cuerpo. bye.

I need a translator for the following question:

"Enrique, what did you do with my shoehorn?"


4thehorses said...

Pick Me! Pick Me! I wanna fuck the Mexican in the grey panties! Ole!

CutNJump said...

Do you get cerveza, chips, salsa and guacamole with his soured cream dispenser? Or is that an enchalada stuffer?

FrizzyLiz said...

I'd like that ad a whole lot better if he were wearing a sombrero

Laura said...

to your question on needing a translator for Enrique what did you do with my shoehorn:

Enrique, lo que hizo usted hace con mi calzador


love the blog by the way. I am a female tired of men wanting me just for sex. Now I come with a saying "If you use me for sex, read up about Lorena Bobbit" :) Yes I am mean.

Merridyn said...

Man, if it's not a banana, a roll of quarters or a kitchen utensil, it's a shoehorn. I hope he knows that this tactic may bring him somebody with a Lorena Bobbit fantasy. OMG. That's the answer. To ALL horse BYB issues. I'm sure there are women who would get off on gelding both men and horses.

wheelin126 said...

4the horses and cutnjump:
Damn it you made me cry I was laughing so hard!! But no really I want him first he is such a catch and thanks to cutnjump I'm in the mood ;) for some Mexican food.....not LMFAO!!!!

Weasel said...

Hey Laura-

That was the exact answer I was waiting to get posted.

I knew someone out there- someone- would know it.

Laura said...


I did not work in barns with mexicans for the last 12 years for nothing :) That is where I learned 90% of my spainish :) I need to email you some pics of some of my exs and what they were like. You would get a hoot! Whoever knew that the gumballs that fall off of Gumball trees [sometimes known as Cheney balls, etc] could pop a car tire? One of my exes thinks that. Heck those things cant even put a hole in your foot :) Although this is the same guy who still lives with momma at 31 years of age. Wouldnt suprise me a bit if he still wasnt nursing on her, opps sorry didnt mean that.

lamexicanita86 said...

Just for the record, that should be, "Enrique ¿quĂ© c***s hiciste con mi calzador?!"

And the entire ad reads,

Hi, I'm 25 and looking for a hot Latina girl so we can get together today. It'll just be our little secret if you want. If you want something yummy, send me a message and we can meet today! I'm looking for any girl between 18 and 45 who's pretty and has a nice body. Bye.

Typical horny Latino guy. Nothing special about this post except the shoehorn in the shorts and broad acceptable age range.